How it Works



  • Users holding LP tokens can deposit it either using the Ramses LP Amplifier vault on the Cruize app (<vault link>) OR directly into an LP Amplifier vault on the Earn section in the Ramses DEX app (<vault link>).


  • This vault has no capital lock-ins and withdrawals can be initiated at any time. However, if you withdraw between a cycle, you will lose out on the yields accrued at the end of that cycle.

While the base yield from the LP Amplifier vault is accrued continuously, the boosted yield is generated on a 3-day basis through Cruize's Twin Peaks vault.

How is the yield generated?

  • The LP Amplifier vault first generates organic yield through fees paid by traders on the Ramses DEX app.

  • At the end of every epoch (every 3 days), Cruize uses a portion of the yields generated as funding for the structured product strategy and the rest as the base APY.

  • Depending on the price ranges of the vault, the trade is settled with the highest bidding market maker, and the returns are combined with the rest of the trading fees.

  • Since only a portion of the yield generated is used as funding, the LP tokens remain completely protected and carry no credit or counterparty risks.

  • At the end of every epoch, the yield generated from both Ramses and Cruize is sent back to the booster contract and is rolled over to the next round to auto-compound.


  • (A) LP token Organic Yield: 30.00%

  • (B) Weekly Organic Yield = (A/52.1429) = 0.5753%

  • (C) Weekly Twin Peaks Funding Rate = (B*0.3) = 0.1726%

  • (D) Weekly LP Amplifier Vault Base Yield (B - C) = 0.4027%

  • (E) Weekly Twin Peaks Max Bonus Coupon = 0.651%

  • (F) Max APY = (1 + D + E)^52.1429 - 1 = 72.729%

  • (G) Min APY = (1 + D)^52.1429 -1 = 23.3132%

The yield has been boosted from 30% to up to 72.73%, a ~2.42x boost without any capital risks to the depositors' stake.

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